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Our representatives are professionally designated as Accredited Disability Representatives.

More information including the criteria for ADR professional designation and the ADR's Code of Ethics is available on the ADR web site.

Our Commitment:

We will attend to each individual claim with absolute professionalism by applying all of our knowledge, resources, and efforts to achieving a favorable decision in your disability claim without delay. We will treat each client with the compassion, respect, and dignity they deserve. Disability Appeals Advocates will remain a highly specialized firm composed of experts in the field of disability working towards a common goal, with the best interest and welfare of each client our sole objective.

Experience that leads to results...

The path to receiving your Social Security disability income and health benefits is a difficult and complex process. At Disability Appeals Advocates, we provide expert medical knowledge with competent and experienced representatives who specialize in helping disabled individuals obtain their benefits in the shortest possible time frame. We can assist you with your initial application as well as throughout the appeals process.

Since 2002, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most professional and compassionate service possible to our clients. Our staff is made up of former medical professionals - from board certified M.D., licensed Physician Assistant, to Paramedic/EMT - our medical expertise is unparalleled and gives us a true understanding of our clients medical issues and how to present this in the most favorable way to the Social Security Administration. Our representatives have also achieved the professional designation of Accredited Disability Representatives, ensuring that you have the most qualified representative working in your best interest.

“Our overriding philosophy for all Accredited Disability Representatives (ADR) shall be that any action taken will be in the client's best interests and result in no harm coming to the client. The Representative shall hold the client in the highest regard, with the client's welfare the sole objective...”

Brenda F. Look - Chief Executive Officer and Physician's Assistant - Certified

Do not give up...

The application process and appeals process for Social Security disability benefits can be time consuming, frustrating and complex. The Social Security Administration denies approximately 75% of all initial applications. A significant amount of individuals must go before an Administrative Law Judge to obtain their benefits. Many individuals become frustrated and give up as it may seem that the Social Security Administration will never approve their benefits. Do not give up!! Your benefits and well being are our sole priority and we can help you!!

Purpose of this Web Site...

This web site will provided a general overview of our services and the Social Security disability program. If you would like additional information or have other questions, please feel free to call us directly at (800) 371-0516. You may e-mail our business using the contact section contained in our web site.

When should you contact us...

If you are no longer able to work, considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, or have already applied and been denied, please contact us to assist you with your claim. We represent claimants who apply for SSDI, SSI, and other social security matters having to do primarily with the disability process. Click here to contact

The application process...

The application process is complicated, and many people who apply (approximately two-thirds) are denied at the first step. Of those asking for reconsideration, only 15% are approved nationwide. A significant percentage of claimants must appear before an Administrative Law Judge before they finally receive their benefits. At every stage, those who are represented by a qualified and experienced professional have a better chance of being approved. For these reasons, we believe the vast majority of claimants would benefit from hiring professional representatives to advocate for them.


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