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Our representatives are professionally designated as Accredited Disability Representatives.

More information including the criteria for ADR professional designation and the ADR's Code of Ethics is available on the ADR web site.

Our Commitment:

We will attend to each individual claim with absolute professionalism by applying all of our knowledge, resources, and efforts to achieving a favorable decision in your disability claim without delay. We will treat each client with the compassion, respect, and dignity they deserve. Disability Appeals Advocates will remain a highly specialized firm composed of experts in the field of disability working towards a common goal, with the best interest and welfare of each client our sole objective.

Meet the energetic members of our team. We are dedicated to making your application and appeals process run better, faster and smoother than ever.

Brenda F. Look - Chief Executive Officer and Physician's Assistant - Certified.

Brenda Look is a Certified Physician's Assistant with several years of experience in a variety of clinical settings and subspecialties. Brenda became recognized as an Accredited Disability Representative in 2009; a distinguished certification for those who specialize in Social Security Disability. Her knowledge of medicine, combined with compassion, and a specialized understanding of the complex disability process will give you the confidence knowing your case is being handled by an experienced and professional representative.
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Shane W. Gerritsen – Director of Appeals, ADR

Shane W. Gerritsen is a former allied health care provider and recognized as an Accredited Disability Representative. Shane has over 12 years of direct experience representing disability claimants and the medical background to ensure your medical issues are well documented and considered by the Social Security Administration. Mr. Gerritsen assists clients at every stage of the process as well as preparing you for your hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.
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